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The crude oil that arrives at its destination is not always immediately treated in a refinery. In addition, the developed countries have realised for a long time now the strategic importance of oil. They are committed to holding stocks of petroleum products (crude and finished products) equivalent to 3 months of import quantities. These commitments have been incumbent on members of the European Union since 1968. Depending on the country, the strategic stocks are managed by state or private organisations (or both). The objective of the organization responsible for petroleum stocks is to ensure that each region has available 10 days consumption of petrol and 15 days of diesel and heating fuel. Petroleum products are stocked in tanks of varying size that can often be buried underground. There are 50 or so storage centres for liquid products. The main concern of the managers of these centres is safety and security. Fire safety certainly; but also prevention of the risk of pollution of land areas and water tables in the case of a leak. There are regular inspections of the condition of the tanks and their resistance to corrosion. We can help you obtain if a call or email is presented.

Coastal Petro has a solid relationship with a Tank Farm owner who is providing us tanks in which are currently existing or under construction which you can purchase in advance to secure your position. We can provided on the ground people to assist in walking you through the facility and outline the locations of availablity and growth. Our strategic team is able to provide pricing and a complete package to a valued customer.

The products are regularly inspected throughout the whole distribution chain, from the refinery to the end user, to guarantee the maintenance of product quality and the absence of contamination by mixing.

How Coastal Petro LLC can provide alternative resources to better serve our clients.

The petroleum products are taken from the refineries to the depots by bulk transport methods: pipelines, trains of tanker wagons, river/canal barges, boats. Depot capacities are very variable, on average between 10 000 and 300 000 m3. The principal products stored are heating oil, petrol and diesel, as well as special diesel fuels used by farmers and fishermen, and aviation fuel.

A petroleum depot consists of 10 to 30 steel tanks. A tank can be as large as 60 000 m3. Each depot has 3 to 12 loading bays for the road tankers that will deliver the products to different consumers.




Coastal Petro can also arrange for transportation through our client network

Whether oil is transported from production sites to the refineries by maritime or terrestrial routes, the main issues are those of safety, security and respect for the environment. At sea, everything must be done to avoid pollution; not only accidental oil spills but also the deliberate discharging of polluting products such as the residue from tank and bilge cleaning. On land the state of oil pipelines must be continually kept under surveillance and worn equipment replaced. Enormous quantities of oil transported are not used immediately. The same is true for a part of the output from refineries, what are called the finished products. Storage facilities ensuring total safety and security must therefore be planned for petroleum products. Coastal Petro LLC works directly with recognized transportation people and have built a relationship with various shipping companies, trucking companies and other vehicles that oil products are moved.

The largest quantities of oil and gas discovered are to be found in developing countries, far from the major consumers. These producer countries easily meet their own needs and export the greater part of their production.

On the other hand, developed countries, major energy consumers, are not self-sufficient in oil and gas, far from it: they are therefore hydrocarbon importers. Even in developed countries that are also major producers, such as the United States, the production zones are often far from the centres where crude and gas is required.

As a result, for several decades now, enormous quantities of oil and gas have been transported all over the world by sea and on land. Coastal Petro LLC is your source to gaining this direct relationship and broker free. Call now and see what we can do in a short period of time.

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