COASTAL PETRO LLC , is a Nevada-based energy trading company that has multiple offices world wide, specializing in the marketing and trading of physical energy commodities including various grades of diesel, jet fuel and gasoline on a spot or contract basis. 

COASTAL PETRO LLC was formed with the idea that smaller, independent refineries and 2nd tier commodities sellers need an outlet for their product. On the open market, major buyers only deal with sellers that have a proven track record of delivering product in the quantities and quality desired on a consistent and predictable basis, therefore the COASTAL PETRO LLC.team of principals has been established to represent such historical accomplishments. Although COASTAL PETRO LLC prefers completing transactions directly with the refinery/source supplier, the market is structured to force smaller sellers to use 3rd party brokers who are not always reliable, therefore many legitimate sellers cannot transact with major oil companies, airlines and other large buyers. One aspect of the COASTAL PETRO LLC business model is to allow these smaller players entry into the highly lucrative commodities market. Acting as a high-value-added reseller, COASTAL PETRO LLC functions as a bridge between the sellers and major buyers, providing instant credibility and allowing legitimate sellers to bypass the usually high barriers to entry in dealing with major buyers. This is possible utilizing the management team's over 40 years of combined experience in the oil and commodities trading.


COASTAL PETRO LLC is a full-service energy trading company marketing and trading physical energy commodities. Petroleum products handled include crude oil, ethanol, all grades of dieseland gasoline, and jet fuel. Other energy products include natural gas, LNG, coal, as well as metals. 
This page attempts to lend insight on the policies and procedures used by COASTAL PETRO LLC for both our acquisitions and product sales.
Every contract is different in terms of quantity/volume, discount/commission structure, and seller requirements. More and more, sellers favor buyers who show sincerity and commitment via Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) . Sellers willing to at least partial POP, will find that their deals move more quickly and smoothly. Sellers who truly have the product they claim to have are anxious to close deals, and are not afraid of proving their ability to deliver through partial POP in the early stages of the deal. Buyers who wish to follow their own purchasing and banking procedures simply get to the end of the line, since there more than enough eager buyers that will put up their BCL just to the rare allocation.
All our contracts are covered by standard international terms and provisions, and all confirmed intermediares are protected. We strictly non-disclosure and non-circumvention provisions of the contracts, which assures intermediaries peace of mind dealing with us.
Since this is our trade secret we reserve the right to keep supplier information confidential and withheld from any perspective buyer until a contract is signed and proof of funding is shown and excepted. All of the product we supply is guaranteed to meet the agreed upon specifications and to pass the stringent requirements of SGS or Saybolt..

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COASTAL PETRO LLC. markets a full range of petroleum products including but not limited to:

  • Crude Oil (All standard types and grades)
  • Diesel (All standard grades.)
  • Rebco-D2
  • Mazut
  • Jet Fuel
  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
  • Tank Farm Sales - Houstion
  • LNG
  • No. 6
  • D-4


We specialize in high-volume, spot buys, and long-term contracts with possible roll-overs and extensions. Product specifications are available upon request of qualified buyers and legitimate intermediaries. Please see email here for more information or see our contacts page.

If you are in need of other petroleum-based products, we can source them for you provided the volume is high (at least 100,000 metric tons per month) and you follow our procedures. Call our toll free number at 877-726-4585 and speak to a representative about assisting your needs.


If a new client and approaching Coastal Petro LLC it is important to have a few documents for immediate consideration. Below are a few things that may be requested before starting a relationship.

  • Corporate Profile
  • Bank Ability
  • Relationship
  • Procedures
  • Type of instrument used for payment ( 103/23) perferred
  • Quanity amounts
  • Tank Farm Sales - Call only.


We are always looking for a long lasting relationship which is what made this company what it is today. Our clients have been involved with us for over 40 years. This is a comfort factor to most people seeking out assistance.

E-mail: info@coastalpetro.com