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April 2016 - We are reducing our overload on request. In order to obtain a reply the contact form must be complete with all boxes to obtain a response. We are getting a large amount of people sending two pieces of information and we are unable to direct to the region or department that handles the request. Therefore replies will not be issued based on an email or incomplete submission.

Coastal Petro LLC announces today that the categories of service will now only include, select crudes, D-6, JP and D2. We are no longer working with Mazut products or storage tanks to keep our valued customers on a target of purchase. We only accept new clients twice a year for contract orders. We only provide spot deals upon a client having overage that can leade to immediate dock pick up or reserve in tank in select locations we are contracted. Upon these spot deals, our original clients are offered and then we provide a possibility for a new client to provide POF on a bank to bank immediate verification.. .

Please send information to

Please email any interest or offers to: INFO@COASTALPETRO.COM SUBJECT : SPOT OFFER or CONTRACT Follow this on Twitter



News Flash - Summer Comes Baring Opportunities - USE INTERNET TO GET YOUR ANSWERS

We are now turning our website into a resource center rather then our phone center. We are are into high-tech and are now developing a new way that interested parties can communicate and receive information that is limited but keeps the communication flowing and customers with high interest to receive answers or replies on a faster basis.

All these advances will be added to our website as soon as the there tested and functioning to a high standard. Check back soon as we will post more updates as we get closer to launching.



News Flash -Coastal Petro Getting Television Coverage with it's own Energy Channel.

Coastal Petro LLC announced On MAY 1st. that they will be opening a broadcasting network dedicated to commodities of fuel. In their joint negotiations with a large broadcasting network of Ace Media Broadcasting, the news and negotiations became a huge topic bringing huge players to the table including talks of Phil Flynn, the USA's top energy analysis and many other players making this a major channel appearance in energy topics of 24 hour programming.

The show will host various people in energy and commodities striking a major blow to wall street as predictions made here are about the true oil deals happening causing them to possibly resort to what the fuel people predict or run the risk of being completely off base when their projections are provided by their analysis. What is being called the show for the energy masses is clearly going to bring people the real news on oil sales vs. listening to paper traders.

It is the real oil people presenting the facts on oil and energy trading markets. Please check back for a direct link towards the middle of May as we broadcasting and testing the show now. We are excited and looking forward to providing information in a new facet and available on all mobile devices. Get your information any time or anywhere!


Please email any interest or offers to: INFO@COASTALPETRO.COM SUBJECT : SPOT OFFER or CONTRACT Follow this on Twitter


News Flash - COASTAL PETRO LLC - Now Open for SELLING Asphalt Fuel - May continued

Coastal Petro LLC announces we sold everything in asphalt for May however the increased amounts for June show 1 or 2 loads in the 10K to 20K MT T range becoming available in June for interested parties..

Several key executives have already taken orders that have shown great progress in expediting orders and reaching an extremely successful level of communication from our previous bank. With this operation opening due to spring time arriving we are looking to start on mid to small contracts to give our new bank the opportunity to understand our transaction methods and allow our clients to enjoy a seamless and simple transaction..

We are now pushing our Crudes ( heavy and Mediums) which is shipping 2 to 3 panamax's a month and up to 200K metric tonnes a month. Lifting for August is still available and will need to act fast.

Asphalt : We are proud to announce confirmation to having this product available and in stock ready for immediate lifting. This will be made available as soon as our new bank is comfortable in proceeding forward and ready to start accepting swifts. Please see article below.

Please contact us directly for more information or request a product resoruce guide to ensure you know exactly what is being offered. The guide is updated each month as products are added or removed due to clients purchasing. You must have the contract completed early in the week to engage scheduled lifting in July. Either way you will have the fuel product you seek if the procedures match and a transaction can be made.

Please email any interest or offers to: INFO@COASTALPETRO.COM SUBJECT : SPOT OFFER or CONTRACT Follow this on Twitter

News Flash - JP54 and D-2 Russian Operations Move Forward- Tank Receipts in for Clients

Coastal Petro LLC announces our Russian supply has come full circle in developing strategic relationships to obtaining our fuel in a very nice and timely fashion. This comes after discussions with multiple majors in their ability and time needed in getting Russian operations to set laycan dates. Being that the average has been 7 weeks weeks for majors to obtain fuel, according to our conversations and their explanations, we have taken the lead in obtaining fuel before there orders are filled leaving us with tank receipts in hand.

Now any customer seeking fuel from this region should expect delays in obtaining the laycan dates for any Rotterdam or Russian ports. It is just the fact of life that it is no easy task to get fuel to be expedited. We have now finalized our position with the newly elected people in charge and of course the 20 years relationship with Russian operations clearly placed us ahead of the crowd. Now we have a massive amount of fuel being submitted to existing clients who patiently waited.

Now the USA Banks are the main factor in achieving success as the G-20 summits have produced issues related to banking which are now causing delays in oil transactions which should be cleared up during the week of August 16th to the 20th. Upon this being finalized we will be opening our commerical division to accepting ONLY A SELECT FEW NEW CLIENTS who are able to follow our no risk procedures that have been proven for over 20 years.

We are now using a USA and Australian banking and no longer using HSBC Canada. The new bank will be explained to interested parties to reduce the amount of broker traffic that we are experiencing with passing information. Therefore we will be able to help buyers to facilitate a proper transaction. Please download our newsletters to here more about the company.

Please contact us directly for more information or request a product resource guide to ensure you know exactly what is being offered. The guide is updated each month as products are added or removed due to clients purchasing. For June - you must have the contract signed early in the week to engage otherwise we will schedule lifting in July. Either way you will have the fuel product you seek if the procedures match and a transaction can be made.

Please email any interest or offers to: INFO@COASTALPETRO.COM SUBJECT : SPOT OFFER or CONTRACT Follow this on Twitter


News Flash - Good Pricing Available While in High Demand!

Coastal Petro LLC announces our pricing structure is of a solid nature that included good pricing for fuel. As we are the North American rep for a seller we also have solid refinery direct relationships to obtain fuel in mainly contract form but also in some occasions, spot deals. Our efforts have been shown with our effective success record of bringing forth solid and vetted clients. This has earned us the position of calling direct as well as introducing clients to the person who is the title holder, refinery people and our personal relationships were fuel is verified from selling to them and helping on the resale of products.

We have D-2, JP54, D-2 ( non-emissions sulfur 3%) Mazut M75 and M100and Crude ( heavy to medium) also available is Light at .1%. This product is in various good discounts for the right buyer. Two options to purchase, Coporate Invoice or MT999 swift message. Contact us for more information via email and included your position and if authorized to speak on behalf of buyer or buyer direct. Brokers who reply must be able to place person of authority on the phone in order to be taken seriously.

Emails must state position to move forward quickly. Requests for calls will be expedited upon this being clarified. All others will be made in the order in which they came. Emails will come with a reply within 72 hours or less due to heavy submissions at this time.

Please email any interest or offers to: INFO@COASTALPETRO.COM SUBJECT : SPOT OFFER or CONTRACT

News Flash - Our Product Resource Summary is Out!

Coastal Petro LLC has released the Product Resource Summary that posts all the product we are selling which is now available to qualified buyers. This document contains the ports we use, the available products we offer as well as our pricing structure that is set by 12 month contract only. The feed back has been appreciated by the clients who approach us in making a transaction. The reason for putting this out is to inform clients of the variety of products with the listing of specialized specs and the location of the product to assist clients in pin-pointing their product and knowing where and how they can pick the product up. All of our fuel is guaranteed for those buyers who can ultilize our unique but effective procedures. We require NO FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS to secure the fuel. Seller has been doing these procedures for over 20 years with a perfect record of success. Our procedures are what the industry is going to be changing to. Activate now and gain product before the industry makes to the official change and you are left holding paperwork and not able to obtain fuel products. Call and speak to us directly to learn our way which is slowly becoming the norm.

Please email any interest or offers to: INFO@COASTALPETRO.COM SUBJECT : SPOT OFFER or CONTRACT

News Flash *** We OPENED Purchasing Power DOOR! ***

Coastal Petro LLC has announced the re-development of the Russian market with two power players in obtaining fuel. Due to high success rate on our two primary clients, we have chosen to re-structure our target market that had been put to sleep for some time but after the results we are re-opening the door due to solid performance records in fuel purchasing and the very fast purchasing power that can effectively close in one day. All offices have been alerted to this update and moral is highly strengthened among all the branch offices for re-capturing this market in which this company was founded on. For sellers looking for solid buyers, we have a client base of legendary status.

Please email any interest or offers to: INFO@COASTALPETRO.COM SUBJECT : SPOT OFFER or CONTRACT

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News Flash for March - We open fuel opportunities in the USA...

March 1st. Coastal Petro LLC being the North American Rep for a Major seller has been informed of our USA based locations producing product that will now be made available to clients on a limited basis. This opens the door to qualified clients to easily obtain product in a 12 month contract form through the one simple free form text to obtain a contract. This requires NO FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS TO SECURE! Real buyers with real funds will have no problem to gain access to this special but limited opportunity. If interested in the estimated millions of Barrels, interested parties should contact Coastal Petro LLC headquarters either by call or email to schedule an immediate conference call. It recommended to know that there is no other procedures accepted other then a MT999 being sent to sellers bank to easily determine the quantity requested to go directly to contract. Theory here is that with the limited contracts Coastal Petro's ability to do due diligence is removed by allowing buyers bank to tell us what their client is able to handle. This makes expediting our services much easier. For those concerned seller has all product titled to seller company. The MT999 is a Non-Leveraging, Non-Blocking and Non-Operative instrument that can only be used for verifying through client bank of their abilities. Any real buyer can usually obtain this within (2) two hours.

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Coastal Petro LLC. - Offers more to clients then ever before...

The industry needs a new relief from daily media mogols directing people towards there efforts while not reporting on the topics of " need to know" basics. How do people survive the normal day transitions of watching opinion aided people who only make their money from reporting what people are paying for. Coastal Petro LLC intends to deliver hard core facts surrounded by daily conversations of high ranking oil people and companies. Our intent is to guard against the mis direction of the growing media coverage that pertains to one instance. Where is the global communication? Now continue to help us grow by watching and reading our Coastal Petro TV & News mediums and give everyone the proper information.

We are Now the North American Representative for a Seller of Fuel Products! - We Have Fuel for Sale

As of January 29th, we were presented with the official paperwork making us the Official North American Representative for a Major Seller connected to multiple refineries in multiple countries. With this we are now able to present clients with a range of products at refinery given discounts. The the honor was given because of our ability to bring forth valid clients of high ability to work within the sellers procedures. We are now proud to bring valid clients a real source for fuel. Our experience thus far has been going quite well with our existing clients and are now introducing the procedures that make life so much more simple. However this is clearly a position for real buyers and those who have exist buyers or credit lines active on POP might find this a bit difficult. Any real buyer with funds available can gain a contract in approximate 72 hours. No instruments to secure just one free form text sent via swift to sellers bank to confirm their ability to handle a 12 month contract.

Our new position allows us to tap the industry in a fast paced manner and expedite all clients seeking fuel to a 1-2-3 step procedure to obtaining fuel. Seller is not interested in spot deals except for Majors such as Shell, Exxon, BP etc. So far we have had very good success in translating this to our clients and finding that they are surprised at how fast they can obtain answers from their bank to engaging a contract within the same week. We are now influencing our other sellers to adapt to these procedures due to the success and easy of the transaction being facilitated

Canadian Headquarters Bringing In Clients Our Vancouver office has been increasing operations but on a slight hold during the Olympics. Now with our opportunity of product available just south of their border, has Canadian companies coming forth in large masses We are developing a major influence in Canadian purchasing clients who are grasping that our system of on time delivery, fair market value and easy ordering process has proven more interest then expected.

Pipeline and Immigration More people are turning to the immigration lawyers for their ability to get work permits for pipeline people. Legal teams are getting hit by pipeline companies to get their employees in the particular countries. .

Emerging Offices - A Force to be recognized with... As the demand for solid contracts increase in the refined oil products, CPllc has joined forces with the other major people in the industry to confirm to the ultimate selling machine. Coastal's grow spurt has increase 10 fold with the new partners being added into the mix to reduce the amount of competition. A force to be reckoned with.

Tank Farm - Filling a position Coastal petro is in the position of selling tank farm spots in advance and has authority to work on pre-sales for the tanks not built yet but can pre-sell them up to approximate three million tons of space. Of course this is all on first come first serve.

Oil on the Coast - Opening Our Ports - HOUSTON A good excess of product will now be available coming out of Houston and Florida. We are expected to post our new products available on March 1st. Follow all updates on TWITTER for updates

Naked Truth - Coastal Petro LLC. We are working to provide writers and give updates to the industry through writing and video to give our clients and viewers the naked truth. Please check back soon

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