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MAZUT is a heavy, low quality fuel oil, used in generating plants and similar
Mazut may be used for heating houses in former USSR states

Heavy crude oils provide an interesting situation for the economics of petroleum development. The Resources of Heavy oil in the world are more than twice of those conventional light crude oil. On one hand, due to increased refining costs and high sulfur content, heavy crudes are often priced at a discount to lighter ones.

The increased viscosity and density also makes production more difficult
(On the other hand, large quantities of heavy crudes have been discovered in the Americas including Canada, Venezuela and Northern California. The relatively shallow depth of heavy oil fields (often less than 3000 feet) contributes to lower drilling costs.

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Chemical Properties

Heavy oil is asphaltic. It is "heavy" (dense and viscous) due to the high presence of naphthenes and paraffins. Heavy oil has over 60 carbon atoms and hence a high boiling point and molecular weight.

For example, the viscosity of Venezuela's Orinoco extra-heavy crude oil lies in the range 1000-5000 cP, while Canadian extra-heavy crude has a viscosity in the range 5000-10,000 cP, about the same as molasses, and
higher (up to 100,000 cP for the most viscous commercially exploitable deposits).[1] A definition from the Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP website is as follows:

The "heaviness" of heavy oil is primarily the result of a relatively high proportion of a mixed bag of complex, high molecular weight, non-paraffinic compounds and a low proportion of volatile, low molecular weight compounds. Heavy oils typically contain very little paraffin and may or may not contain high levels of asphaltenes.


Environmental Impact - Basical Knowledge for Learning.

As a rule, heavy crudes have a more severe environmental impact than light ones. With more difficult production comes the employment of a variety of enhanced oil recovery techniques, including steam flooding and tighter well spacing, often as close as one well per acre. Heavy crudes also carry

For example, Orinoco extra heavy oil contains 3.5% sulfur as well as vanadium and nickel. Heavy crude oils contain more carbon in relation to hydrogen, thus releasing more carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas)
per amount of usable energy when burned.

Advanced technologies are mitigating the environmental impact via horizontal wells and increased energy efficiency, but, barrel for barrel, heavy crudes will likely always be more environmentally damaging than
light crudes


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