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Our Refinery Direct, Major SELLER & We Are the ONLY Authorized North American Representative for this Major Seller:

Coastal Petro LLC. as of January 29th 2010 has become the Official and Papered Authorized Representative for a seller. This position allows us to act, speak and accept documents on behalf of the seller. Seller is a private entity that would like to remain out of our public announcements and press releases to avoid people trying to call directly. Buyers will ontain this information during a call and after validating their understanding of the new procedures and can comply in writing. We will be transparent in our approach upon the buyer understanding the information and can proceed forward.

Seller has JP54, A-1, A-8, D-2, Crude and Mazut as the main products of opportunity. However alternative products also can include LNG, AGO, No.6 and D-4.

We will provide a santized outline of the procedures to insure buyers ability to engage. Upon a letter being submitted that procedures are accepted and can proceed forward with will submit the proper and confidential information with sellers name and company . This Seller works under 12 month contract only.

Coastal Petro has a solid relationship with various Refineries through out Europe, Russia, Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Canadian and Asian contacts that are solid and important relationships that were obtained by continued successful transactions. In our agreements, we provide the due diligence and supply them with out choice of client to be brought forth for a clean transaction. Our US representation or Mandate positions are with various refineries, major reseller and major buyers. We generally are on the sell side in almost all deal for selling. The sell side is always closed. In the event this is major procedures we can expedite the process after a short due diligence period and banking is all verifiable.

We Represent One Buyer - A Major - In Papered form - Products of Need: JP54 and D-2 ( Main) but will also take Crude and other products.

We are now papered Representative for a Major Buyer who can purchase SPOT or CONTRACT with major procedures. This included invoice and Pay or Dipstick and pay procedures. We are proud to announce this new ability for Coastal Petro LLC. The buyer can take large quantities and the preferred port is Rotterdam. They have many vessels to obtain and start lifting within six (6) hours. Extremely strong buyer with massive capabilities to purchasing quickly. Once seller realizes who the buyer is, there is no need for FCO or BCL as this is a strong enought buyer to take down the fuel at amazing speed. Our goal is to provide the opportunity and generate a positive future to bringing any product forward without worry of payment. Please contact us directly for a direct introduction after presenting the procedures. We do not allow any brokers or intermediates on the phone during the introduction between buyer and seller.

Our offices are strategically located in the USA, Canada, Europe and Dubai with a New Office in Hong Kong.

Coastal Petro LLC offices are located in positions across the globe to ensure that we handle each client with the superior service needed for oil transactions. Upon calling our toll free number you will be directed to the person in that area or given a representative to handle the opportunity as it comes in. Our goal is service and we understand the time sensitive nature of each deal. We want your experience to be a successful and uplifting experience to keep positive information flowing.

Seller Procedures - This is a procedures of over 20 years and see no reason to change.

Sellers Procedures - We will issue an LOI pre-made to obtain a draft contract. Upon review of the draft contract we will require an MT999 be sent that buyer is able to handle a 12 month contract for the price and quantity agreed upon and stated in Draft Contract. No other procedures will be used. Also we require NO FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS TO SECURE. Simply pay on the day of lifting as per contract instructions. Commissions are paid buy the buyer from the discount given.

BUYERS Procedures -Due to the size of the buyers abilities and well known recognized name, the procedures will be corporate invoice and pay, or dipstick and pay procedures which any seller will agree to once the buyers name is released. This is a true and solid company who's buying power confirms their ability to excerise these types of procedures. Commissions are determined and approved by the buyer .


Our toll free number is designed to screen broker direct calling for product and extention numbers are given directly to a person via email for the purposes of ensuring that the people calling are as direct as they claim. All calls are directed to the proper person in that region or time zone to communicate during proper business hours of the callers region.

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