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Our International Partners - Refinery Direct - Marketing Directors and Banking Facilities

Coastal Petro has a solid relationship with various Refineries through out Europe, Russia, Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Canadian and Asian contacts that are solid and important relationships that were obtained by continued successful transactions. In our agreements, we provide the due diligence and supply them with out choice of client to be brought forth for a clean transaction.

We are the North American Representative for a Major Seller - All are done on 12 month contract basis. Buyers interested should call to discuss the quantity and product to gain our procedures directly. No confidential information will be submitted through any kind of broker, intermediates, agents or unauthorized people.

Our offices are strategically located in multiple areas around Europe

In Europe we have a location in Rotterdam for easy access to the loading area with professional people standing by for verification of dipstick testing or verify amounts in tanks in a very short period.
Germany - Located in Frankfort our office handles the sales and contract support for our European clients.

Our offices are strategically located in Canada

Coastal Petro LLC offices are located in Alberta Canada and Vancouver BC where our Canadian headquaters is located. The are direct to the refineries and have access to the marketing directors and CEO of major refineries where our relationship is very strong. Answers can be obtained in a short period keeping clients happy and we can use the friend banking of Montreal for expediting oil transactions..

Our offices are strategically located in the United States

Houston Texas - A direct source to the Houston tank farm area where our office is minutes away from checking our current tanks for verified product and postive results to what is coming in, to provide our client with instant knowledge..

Chicago Illinois - Located blocks from the board of trade, we have our sales center where we can keep a direct market update and provide clients with trading values and access to pricing that is coming in on futures and options to know when prices will be increased or decreased to better assist our clients..

Africa- Opening in Kenya. More coming soon..

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