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Basically, things are simple :

Coastal Petro LLC can provide for qualified people coming forth the opportunity to utilize our financial resources to complete a transaction. The basis will be to fully explain the sceanrio under a full confidential agreement laid out prior to engagement. Upon all comfort levels established, we can proceed to structure the transaction to the best beneficial sceanrio for all parties involved. A clear indication is to provide the opportunity with POP being clear visible and in reach. We structure our position as a financial provider who, if providing the funding, will place the title in our company name and prepare the documents to ensure clients and commissions are clearly defined.

Coastal Petro LLC is willing to start the conversation based on a simple outline provided below :

  • Clients coming forth need to be in good standing and with no legal, blacklist or any form of negative posting that could jeopardize our credability.
  • Clients need to be transparent and not withhold any information if utilizing our funding ability.
  • Client must not bring in brokers of any kind into the deal.
  • Client must provide a certain amount of funding to ensure a transaction has worth on both sides.
  • Coastal Petro will make every effort to supply funding provided all documents are presented at the time of request.

How Coastal Petro LLC can provide alternative financing for companies.

Coastal Petro has another division that specializes in helping company's that have a solid worth, have been in business for more then 5 years and have the financials to present. We can assist through our public company offering for qualified candidates..

Company's seeking financial growth can particiapate in this program and allow our experts to prepare a package based on your specifc needs. Call or email for more information on the special offer.

Our group combine has provided a solid financial growth to over 200 companies who are very happy with their outcome.




Coastal Petro Financial Network - We have multiple avenues.

Whether you are a small company trying to grow or a company with a solid deal and financing has simply fallen through, Coastal Petro LLC can move fast and produce funds to meet the demand of any deal where the transaction is clearly laid out for a close with POP visible..

We have banking facilities in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Holland, Vancouver B.C., Montreal, Alberta, Chicago, Texas, and Hong Kong. We can arrange any of our accounts to be funded for a deal

On the other hand, if we are the main provider we will want the title in our company name to protect our investment. This is standard and all agreements will be work on prior to any deal moving forward..

As a result, we can provide valuable assistance to people or company's who have the right deal.


E-mail: info@coastalpetro.com