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About the Seller - Information to Understanding

Coastal Petro has developed a relationship and the position of the Authorized North American Representative Position in Papered form. With this position we are able to enter into conversations with the buyer to ensure the procedures are clearly understood with price and quantity being outlined to engage into draft contract. Seller only does 12 month contract at FOB loadports. The ideal client is one who is able to provide a simple SWIFT message via bank to bank with the buyers bank clearly acknowledging their ability to handle a 12 month contract and the price and quantity outlined in draft form. Seller has been doing this procedures for 20 years and has a successful record of delivery. Since this is a contract there is no POP up front and will be provided after receiving the buyers bank ability. This is a contract and product is all titled to the seller and all relative documents will come from a recognized accounting firm to ensure all is correct, verifiable and from a recognized source. There are no other procedures acceptable and we require NO FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS TO SECURE. The SWIFT message is non-leveraging and is NOT written with language of MT799 or MT760. Merrely to confirm from buyers bank that buyer is capable of handling. The amount returned on the swift message is the quantity we will place on final contract. Those that are unable to provide this swift message will not be able to purchase this GUARANTEED FUEL.

About the Buyer - Information to Understanding

Coastal Petro LLC is a buyer for a major company who can purchase under a six (6) hour time frame if spot or place an RDLC revolving for contract deals. We will come on a call to determine if the procedures are acceptable and go over the specifics. We have the ability to negotiate price and act on any deal we feel is valid and some proof is provided if selling by spot. Our goal is to clearly define the transaction and provide a comfort factor to the seller to ensure they understand who the buyer is and provide our documentation that clearly defines our role to proceeding forward. Buyer does require something by way of proof that the product is actually there to proceed forward and arrange banking details to enusre a positive transaction. We can have the buyer on the phone in 1 hour or less if the time zone permits. Otherwise we will provide a time in which buyer will be ready to engage. All product coming from seller requiring at type of financial instrument to secure will need to prove that product is there and liftable. Buyers has many vessels and will be lifting immediately after a dipstick test. The entire transaction can be completed and lifted in 12 hours.

Preferred lifting is Rotterdam but will go outside of Rotterdam provide the discount is good to ensure the transaction is worth the effort. Buyer is END USER.

Our procedures to ensure a seamless transaction. Standard with Due Diligence

Coastal Petro has a series of standards that be required when approaching us via phone or email as well as introductions to our key executives. We provide a list of products available and require the buyer to be acknowledged so the proper documents can be directed towards that entity to eliminate the shopping factor. We do not allow for shopping of our products that are made available to us. We work to provide solid facts and in most cases the result of POP and who is will be coming from to ensure a solid understanding of the transaction moving forward in a positive manner.


Spot deals we generally look for is that there is proof that product is actually liftable. Our procedures consist of corporate invoice and pay or SGS/Dipstick and pay type of procedures. Our preferred port is Rotterdam but will take product as a reasonable to good discount for ensuring that the destination is

Contract Deals for Our Buyer - What we are prepared to do before inquiring us for purchase.

Coastal Petro LLC can prepare a spot deal to introduce a new customer in purchasing a small amount to establish a relationship. Buyers are asked to provide the standard information to communicate to the seller that banking, paperwork and all commissions are secured before moving forward. Spot deals can produce into longer relationships so we take great pride in making a deal happen and close.

Contract offers

Our specialty and preferred method of continued business. Our offers will begin with a series of procedures based on the type of client and category a client can define when making requests to Coastal Petro LLC.

Our North American Representative Position: Requires only an MT999 free form text to be submitted to sellers bank from buyers bank. This ensures the buyer is real and we can move directly to contract immediately. 3 step procedures to ensuring success. We are directing our other resources to follow this procedure. Seller has been doing this procedure for 20 years and has been very successful in removing any doubt to proceeding forward.

Major Procedure - Corporate Invoice and Pay - This is used for buyers unable to utlize the MT999 scenario which is our preferred method with our main seller, those that need corporate invoice procedure we will utilize our other resources to proceed under these conditions.

Major Reseller - Usually funding is needed to be displayed to provide corporate invoice and pay procedures.

A Non-Major will be provided with a private set of procedures based on the call and banking information provided.