Welcome to Coal Sales - We are selling coal direct from the South America regions.

Coastal Petro LLC has a variety of coal products available for immediate lifting. We can expedite your needs as the coal is ready to be moved and transported. Currently we are selling this as FOB - LOADPORTS.

Thermal (Steam) coal ex Puerto Santa Marta:
4,000 tonnes/hr to 30,000 tonnes/day load rate in PanaMax vessel
$84.00US/tonne, less $10 at 500,000 tonnes/month and over
can load larger vessel simultaneously ex Puerto Bolivar

Coking (metallurgical) coal ex Puerto Santa Marta:
4,000 tonnes/hr to 30,000 tonnes/day load rate in PanaMax vessel
$170.00US/tonne, less $15.00 at 180,000 tonnes/month and over

Coke ex Puerto Barranquillan (Atlantic):
5,000 tonnes/day to 20,000 tonne DWT vessel
$554.00 USD/tonne, less $35.00 tonne volume discount at 120,000 MT/mo.

Please call for more information or Email us at info@coastalpetro.com


Coastal Petro LLC is a PRINCIPAL in the coal mining operations in ILLINOIS, Kentucky and Tennessee Mning operations as principals and operators with permits to move forward immediately. We are offering clients direct opportunities and specialized pricing for client that can activate a Purchase Order.

Procedures are standard purchase options. Since we are a partner in the mines we are willing to be transparent provided the bank ability is able to be provided to ensure a successful transaction.

We have partnered with the Mine Owners to bring our clients a direct END SOURCE for coal products of low sulfur. FOB is preferred but we can also accommodate CIF if the client qualifies.

This particular mine is located in ILLINOIS and has relationships for transporting to the ports. Our position is based on allowing Coastal Petro to be the main and only selling company for this particular coal and region. Please contact us direct for immediate sales.

Shipping in 5 Million Tonnes Max and totalling over 100 Million tonnes available.

Procedures are normal purchasing.


Sulfur Range (%) 2.50 - 3.23

Fixed Carbon Range (%) 28.00 - 29.10

BTU Range: 11,700 - 12,800

Moisture Range (%) - 23.23 - 24.55

DOWNLOAD OUR COAL SPECIALS - Available After July 12th - We are creating this for release here shortly.




Coastal Petro can also arrange for coal transportation through our client network

Whether coal is transported from production sites to the ports by train or truckroutes, the main issues are those of safety, security and respect for the environment. At sea or on land, everything must be done to avoid pollution; not only accidental spills but also the deliberate discharging of polluting products such as the residue from tank and bilge cleaning. On land the state of coal must be continually kept under surveillance and worn equipment replaced. Enormous quantities of coal transported are not used immediately. The same is true for a part of the output from mines, what are called the finished products. Storage facilities ensuring total safety and security must therefore be planned for mining products. Coastal Petro LLC works directly with recognized transportation people and have built a relationship with various shipping companies, train and trucking companies along with other vehicles that coal products are moved.

The largest quantities of oil and gas discovered are to be found in developing countries, far from the major consumers. These producer countries easily meet their own needs and export the greater part of their production.

On the other hand, developed countries, major energy consumers, are not self-sufficient in coal, far from it: they are therefore careful importers. Even in developed countries that are also major producers, such as the United States, the production zones are often far from the centres where coal is required.

As a result, for several decades now, enormous quantities of coal have been transported all over the world by sea and on land. Coastal Petro LLC is your source to gaining this direct relationship. Call now and see what we can do in a short period of time.

E-mail: info@coastalpetro.com